It is all about the yellow blockers

It is all about the yellow blockers

I was thinking today about the greatest gift I could give the ones I love and the ones I have yet to care about. Without question it would be to admire and exhaust the gift of every day. Standing in the mind field of our emotions it is difficult to see the good around us and as a consequence we let life pass us by. If only we could grab every opportunity that came our way. For that matter what if we could see every opportunity that came our way.

When I was a younger man I did some public speaking I spoke on the subject of success. One of my focuses was the view from your perspective, how differently each and every one of us sees the same thing. I focused hard on how important it is to be aware of the fact that you may be wide awake and looking to improve your life with all the right intentions, but the fact is you may not be seeing the trees for the forest.

Recently I had the opportunity to spend time and actually live with a friend of mine. It was a stark reminder of the differences between seemingly alert individuals. I should tell you he is a real genius with a real genius IQ. I on the other hand come under the heading of an average guy. As I have most of my life I watch and listen as much as I can. It was a treat to see how differently we perceived things. In many conversations he had a clearer picture of the route to the conversations goal. He was more perceptive of reality as he saw it and his reality had less hype and more reality than did mine. It is always a treat to be with him.

Back to reality as it relates to the facts. Whenever I spoke publically I brought along a suit case. I would lower the lights in the room and put the suit case on a platform higher than the audience’s line of site. I would open the lid and turn the light on. The light was located in the main body of the suit case compartment and the lid had a piece of colored paper on it. The light in the suit case would light up the case lid. I would ask the audience to bet their future on the color of the lid as they saw it. They would all say green. There was no question in their minds it was green. I would then turn the light off in the bottom of the case and immediately the lid would change colors from green to a bright blue. You see the light in the case was a yellow light. They could not see the bulb so all they saw was a lit up piece of paper. If you remember your science or art class lessons you remember yellow and blue make green. Hence the yellow light changed the blue paper to look green.

The point is, when you go through your day you are not seeing the good you are being bombarded with (trust me on this you are presented with opportunities every day). Life is not for the other guy or gal it is here for you. You cannot go through life being delusional. You have to clear your lens and start seeing what your creator has put at your door step. I you do not have all that you want to day and you have not been able to make your mark in the 5 areas of the riches. You need to sit down and start your life anew. I mean with new information. You must realize you are not making the right decisions for yourself and your future.

News flash if you do not have what you want you are probably wrong on about 90% of the things you feel. I know that is a little harsh, but it is meant to be. Here is how I approach a move to another level in life. First I find out what it is I really want in that area. Then I face the realization that I have no idea how to get there. Hell I do not think I am stupid so if I am not

There,  I must not have the information. I am sure if I had the information of how to get there I would use it. So here I am saying we are not stupid we are just uninformed.

Think about it this way. I you were driving somewhere new and you pulled out a map and you were wearing yellow sun glasses while reading the map. On that map the name of the town you were going to was written in yellow. The sun glasses would cancel out everything written in yellow and you would have a very hard time finding it.

Clearing the lens: As I said I like to first identify the goal. I need to have a clear picture of what it is that I am to become or what it is I am trying to reach. Then I go elsewhere for a plan. I buy books of others who have made it to the same goal,  I start putting a path to my goal that I will not waver from. Here is the best and the hardest part. Every day you are going to be faced with many decisions to make and you will feel like doing one thing, but if you have prepared properly your plan will dictate that you do something that is uncomfortable and does not feel right. There is the gift of this process. It has a built in remainder. Remember every day you stay on course with your plan and you feel it is wrong you are seeing things with a yellow lens on and the people who have made it had a clear lens. Every day go against your feelings and you will start to grow towards the person you wish to become and the goals you wish to reach.

Nothing makes me happier than when I start a new business or start heading toward a personal achievement and I feel I should quit because this can’t be right. Ring, ring, ring, the bell goes off, I must be doing something right. I have a chance of the lens turning clear.

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