Getting up ready or mad

When I was a young man and decided that I wanted the finer things in life. I had a problem I was lazy. If I could hang out with my friends or fool around with my car I was really happy. I loved cars back then. What a life pick up your best girl for a movie or dinner date,  riding around and then taking her home and going to another girl’s house. This was the life, young and just having fun. No responsibilities, just fun. You know doing what you feelt like doing always or at least most of the time. The problem was I realized this life would not last and surely I would need more financial stability as I grew older. Everyone I knew that was older and had done what they felt like doing had a mundane life at best. You know working 8 to 5 and trying to pay the bills and fighting to get through the month. Wondering how they could change that, but never making a commitment to do so. That sums up 99% of the population in the USA. So I needed a plan. The problem was I hated getting up and when I got up I was pretty miserable. I smoked back then (what a dumb ass I was) and the morning was a combination of hunting for a cigarette and looking for some junk food to eat. I knew I had to make a change, but my day always started lousy so I did not know what to do.

I wanted to be successful but could not get going in the right direction. It seemed I was just derailed. One day I was in Radio Shack buying an alarm clock for my bedroom and I saw a lamp timer. Back then they were advertised as security device for your home. It would turn a lamp on and off anytime you set it. They still use them today. Not far on the shelve I saw a small recorder. All of a sudden I had an idea. I purchased the recorder, the timer and some tapes.

You see what I remembered standing in front of the recorder and the timer was something I had read years before. This guy said “the first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day”. I thought about it and he was 100% right. Let’s say tomorrow morning your friend calls you up and says hey you know that lottery ticket we bought together well we just won $800.00 I will be right over with your $400.00. Well that day I could not pull you off the ceiling all day. By the same token if that friend called you up in the morning and started yelling at you for something your day would be wrecked.   So here was my plan. I went home and clarified my single goal not 3 or 6 just one goal. And I then wrote a positive affirmation, to read out loud into the recorder, you know I said “good morning Sam it is time to get up. You are well rested and thankful for the day’s opportunities before you. Your goal of having $100,000.00 in the bank is a reality because you have worked for it, you love to work. Let’s get up and continue to work for it and make it better. Up and at-em. You are a luck guy, the day is yours, let’s go. Ok you are wasting time and the days are short. Come on Sam, let’s get up and get your dreams. Ok you lazy bum get the ____ out of bed. You are a pieces of _____ and the day is for winners and you are a loser. Stay in bed and join the ranks of the bums you no good _____bum (you can guess where I went from there)”.

Then i plugged the recorder into the lamp timer and set it for 6am. The goal was to get out of bed and have a positive feeling about the day. If I laid there I would be called vulgar names and feel like getting up and fighting. Bottom line I was up and going. Hopefully I got up early and walked across the room and stopped the recorder before I started really getting into the negative stuff.

It was soon that I found myself getting up and really thinking I had made most of the money in my goal and I was going in the right direction. It seemed I was happier in the morning, provided I got up and stopped the recorder early. after a while i always got up right away. I then started to really nail that one single goal I wanted (we all know you can only go one place at a time, only fouls try and go in two directions). Things changed because I paid heed to the statement “the first hour of the morning is the rudder of the day. This is a cheap set up. I saw timers at the dollar store and a cassette recorder is less than $20.00.

As you know I have had cancer and am currently battling again, I used this same system to fight my illnesses. For me if I wake up in the morning I am checking to see how I feel. Is this working, is that working etc. Can I talk today? Can I swallow or is my throat to sore. Will I be able to pass food or do I have blockages, is my hip in pain or not, etc etc. On the other hand I do not have to wait for my mind to clear and start fighting the day, I can wake up to the fact that I am good today, my throat is healing nicely and almost healed etc. etc. (oh yes I lie to myself on the recorder). You know you got to fake it until you make it.

It helps and it can change your life for the better. There are many single things that made me the man I am today, but this has to be high on the list of real tools you can use to combat the influx of negative or bad information that comes our way. Nothing like getting up happy and being put on direction to your goal.


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