Educated Into Falling Asleep in Life

Did you ever really sit down and wonder why some are rich and others are not. Well I did. In my family, I had very rich relatives and then there was my father, my sister and I. We had all we needed and my Dad made sure of that. When my mother died when I was 4, my father made a choice. He could either go for the gold and we would have been a fragmented family at best or he could raise his two kids and be there every hour guiding them. Lucky for my sister and I he chose to stand by our side. I tell him often, but He really doesn’t know it, but he is a great man.

I started at a very young age looking for the secrets to wealth. When I was young and working in a truck body shop, I listened to the customers when they came in with their trucks. I asked them questions. It seemed amazing to me that time after time I heard the same story. They were from another country (Italy, Germany, Poland, or Ireland). If I questioned them in depth this is what I found. They came here when they were around 17. They had no money and started working for a small business. Soon they had an old pickup and they were on their own. Then they bought a 2 family home. Working all the time 6 days a week for 12 to 16 hours a day and lived in one unit of the two family home. Soon they bought a 4 family and then they bought another 1 family. They were now 40 years old and in 20 years they built a business, bought 2 investment houses and a beautiful one family.

What puzzled me was how come every American family I knew could not even pay for their one family home. What made it possible for the immigrant to do so much in so little time? I started asking harder questions. During the years of gathering answers to my questions and one day it happened I found out their secret. It was in the programming. You see we as Americans were educated into mediocrity. It happened to us early on. The schools taught us to go for the good job be smart stay in line and do not rock the boat. The newspaper and TV educated us into falling asleep.

The question is: how did we get crippled? Also, where is the proof we are crippled. I will explain next week in detail. You will be amazed what has happened to you and how they were programmed to win. Also how you can win.

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