About Me

I am a man that has built several successful companies, a great personal life and I did most of this while I was suffering from several debilitating diseases, including cancers.  The information that allowed me to do this will change your life for the better.

In 1992 I won entrepreneur of the year as recognized by Entrepreneur magazine for the state of NJ along with my partner Dom Lege.  This happened because of a project I took on at the Arizona Nuclear Power Plant.   Short version: I arrived at the power plant.   I found myself standing in the middle of the desert looking at my partner (Dom Lege). We were standing in front of 99 Ford van brand new chassis.  We had agreed to convert them for the power plant. We were there 3 days and almost completed 2, my partner looked at me as we were sweating from head to toe and standing in front of 97 more chassis and said to me “I am going to be here for the rest of my life”.  We turned things around and delivered 99 custom, 15 passenger vans in 10 days.  I will tell you the story. It is truly one that will inspire you and leave you feeling differently about life and teach that we can do almost anything.

This is some of who I have become. It is a part of me, not who you see when I stand in front of you, it is me, who I made myself.   For I am my product and my body is nothing more than my vessel which I take everywhere I go.  Sound crazy? I can promise the separation will do you good.

I found the path to a happy and prosperous life.  Every day I apply the rules of life and every day I seem to win.  My intent with this blog and a book i published on Amazon ebooks by the title “COMING BACK” by Samuel Casternovia is to share what I have learned with you.

My promise to you, is that I will not share with you what I feel, unless I tell you I feel this. What I will do is pass on the facts that successful men and woman have known forever. You will learn winning is easier than you ever thought. with the right information you can recover from illness and lost finances or build new ones.

I have come to learn there are 5 riches in life. On a daily bases I repeat to myself the 5 riches that we all strive for. The realization and the pursuit of these riches have given me more than I could have dreamed of.  Today I enjoy a loving family and friends, several businesses, controlled diseases and the mindset to move forward.

I am a man who lost my mother when I was 4.   My sister and I were raised by a great man. He sacrificed his dreams of being rich (financially) to be by our side.  He is 99 today and still plays golf. He has had one of the fullest life’s I have ever seen. I truly believe he will out live me.

in my book COMING BACK I will share with you stories of people I have met that in the face of insurmountable odds built full rich lives.   Stories like a man a met who was in a wheel chair for life and had a breathtaking house hanging off a cliff and the house was (the men will love this) filled with beautiful women. He had it all.

Who am I??  That is a good question.  This I do know for sure, some people have told me I am crazy because I work so hard, but the truth is those that feel that way hold nothing in life I value.   Then there are those who understand. They are the ones who see life as a gift and not an entitlement.  Yes, they are the ones I admire. I am a simple man who enjoys the simple things in life. I do not go out with the guys; I am home every night enjoying my two wonderful young ladies in my life (my wife and daughter).  My life is about family and good friends. So in a snap shot this is who I am.

I will show you how our system is set up to educate us into mediocrity. I will expose you to the information that changed my life and how you are in the perfect position to go and get it all.  Be what you always dreamed of becoming.  It may be hard to believe today, but you are perfect.  That is right you are 100% perfect, you need only to use what you have.

Sam Casternovia