About The Book

Samuel Casternovia has been battling cancers and diseases for most of his life. He suffered with migraine headaches that caused him to blackout when he was young, that continue to a lesser degree today. He developed colon cancer and had his colon totally removed through an experimental operation pioneered in London to make him as normal as possible. He fought 4th degree collapse of his hip, due to avascular necrosis and saved his hip against 8 doctors’ recommendations to have a hip replacement. He fought head and neck cancer and nerve separation along with muscle damage from the treatments. Fighting weak neck muscles, Sam found a way to build his neck muscles stronger than ever.

His successes were not by accident. They are a product of what he learned from his research and fact-based findings, not opinions of health professionals and nutritionists, but facts, and Sam shares them with you. He emphasizes, that success is very simple, although not easy, but attainable for us all.

He told me, “I care too much about other people’s health and improving their daily lifestyle to be politically correct. My book COMING BACK  is about the facts of recovering from anything in life or living better with it.”