Educated Into Falling Asleep in Life

Did you ever really sit down and wonder why some are rich and others are not. Well I did. In my family, I had very rich relatives and then there was my father, my sister and I. We had all we needed and my Dad made sure of that. When my mother died when I was 4, my father made a choice. He could either go for the gold and we would have been a fragmented family at best or he could raise his two kids and be there every hour guiding them. Lucky for my sister and I he chose to stand by our side. I tell him often, but He really doesn’t know it, but he is a great man.

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My latest Book “COMING BACK” by Samuel Casternovia is out now!

My latest Book “COMING BACK” by Samuel Casternovia, (you can find it on Amazon books in ebook form or paper back) Offers help with finding the right doctor and or facility, dealing with the physical and emotional roller coaster associated with all cancers, recovering from cancer and putting your life back together along with your fiances.

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Dealing with Head and Neck Cancer

Just a few thoughts about dealing with head and neck radiation and surgery.

The confusion that goes along with having radiation and or surgery for head and neck cancer and dealing with the side effects may be as traumatic as dealing with cancer. For me, it was very unsettling; the thought of not being here to secure my family’s future was overwhelming. Lucky for me I had cancer 25 years ago and had some insight on how to get through it. I do not think you can ever be prepared for the onset of cancer, but a little experience helped.

This is an overview of the road I have traveled. I hope it sheds some light on your journey.

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Tractor Ride

Tractor Ride

Recently we had another snow storm and it seems they just keep coming. One of my problems is I have several retail properties and my tenants are upset because their customers can no longer patronize them.  There are limited parking spaces due to the piles of snow.  Well, I got up about 6am in the last storm and decided I would fix the problem. As luck would have it my big truck blew its trans and it is the only truck I have large enough to tow my tractor. My tractor was stored about 30 miles to the west of the retail properties affected the worst. I called several tow companies to see if they could move my tractor and they were all too busy to run out of their area. So I decided to drive the tractor the 30 miles through the back roads. Keep in mind it has no cab so it is like sitting on the hood of your car and driving, a little chilly. Also it is not registered for the road, but I figured the roads are so bad the police would see me as a person cleaning things up and not care, also if you have had cancer twice and currently fighting, you really see things differently, what can they do, put me in a warm cell for a few hours at the very worst, kind of beats being 120 pounds and throwing up 20 times a day with all the other pains that go with fighting cancer.

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It is all about the yellow blockers

It is all about the yellow blockers

I was thinking today about the greatest gift I could give the ones I love and the ones I have yet to care about. Without question it would be to admire and exhaust the gift of every day. Standing in the mind field of our emotions it is difficult to see the good around us and as a consequence we let life pass us by. If only we could grab every opportunity that came our way. For that matter what if we could see every opportunity that came our way.

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pasta and veggies maybe pastaprimavera

Pasta and veggies (Maybe a primavera)

  1. Start boiling water in large pot about 6 qts
    in large frying pan place
  2. ¼ cup good olive oil
  3. 5 gloves garlic minced (you can use 1 tbl spoon from a jar)
  4. Small (4oz) can of black sliced olives
  5. ½ cup red cabbage sliced up thin
  6. 2 medium carrots sliced anyway you like but the slices must be about 1/8th inch thick
  7. Green pepper slices thin ¼ in slices
  8. Red pepper slices thin ¼ in slices
  9. 4 Scallions. the whole thing white and green part cut about 3/8 inch
  10. 3 cherry red hot peppers seeds out and chop them up
  11. Sugar snap beans pull the string out and leave them whole
  12. Broccoli cut up into pieces about the size of a half dollar
  13. ½ cup sundried tomatoes from a jar setting in oil not dried. sliced into pieces about the size of a half dollar. This is the flavor so it is a must, if you can get some of the oil from the jar so much the better.
  14. Put 1 pound pasta in the 6 qts of boiling salted water. for this I like to use bowtie pasta or penne
  15. Sprinkle a little parmesan cheese on the veggies and season with salt and pepper.
  16. You can shake on ¼ tsb of Italian seasoning of you like or Mrs Dash
  17. Turn on heat under veggies high. When it starts boiling add 1/3 cut vodka (the cheap stuff). Cook veggies about 5 minutes or until they are tender (the alcohol will burn right off) . Do not overcook them, they should still be very crunch just softer than raw.
  18. Drain the pasta and poor in about 1/8 cup good olive oil and mix into pasta.
  19. Put pasta in a long oval dish and gently pour the veggies into the middle so the pasta gets pushed to the outside. Sprinkle a little cheese on the dish and Garnish with parsley

If you like to add chicken or shrimp. I like to do it this way. Put a cast iron pan on the burner and turn the heat on high. this should heat for about 5 min.  Cut the chicken in thin strips about ¼ inch max. From this point on shrimp or chicken are cooked the same.

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The hay ride

Hi, well I am going to cheat this Sunday. You see last night we went trick or treating like most families. Accept, as is my MO we did it a little different. I took a golf cart like little truck I have (a Toro 2100) and built an arch on it and put a bunch of flashing pumpkins and scary music with speakers. Then I rebuilt an old 12 foot long trailer I had and put sides on it. I then filled it with hay and put the whole contraption on another big trailer and drove it to the country. We met 12 kids and their parents. One more thing I put a tarp over it (my best idea). We all piled in and I proceeded to drive the kids from house to house. It rained so hard you could not see more than 30 feet. I think the rain made it more memorable. All the kids were running up to the houses and running back to the hay ride. We stayed for about 3 hours and we were all so soaked it was time to go home. It was a night we will all remember.

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Getting up ready or mad

When I was a young man and decided that I wanted the finer things in life. I had a problem I was lazy. If I could hang out with my friends or fool around with my car I was really happy. I loved cars back then. What a life pick up your best girl for a movie or dinner date,  riding around and then taking her home and going to another Continue reading “GETTING UP READY OR MAD”

Close friend with the right profile

Close friend with the right profile

I have been sick for many years of my life (no complaint just a fact). I noticed something about sick people. It seems the ones that do well are also the type of person who does well in other things in life. Last week a friend (J) came to me and told me he had cancer of the lungs and several spots around his body. He knows I beat the first cancer 25 years ago and now I am coming back from the treatments of this latest cancer and he said to me “I have no question in my mind you will beat this one, but how”. Continue reading “Close friend with the right profile”